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Petcheck Services

$20 Pet Visits

To the rescue!

Our Pet Visit services are a huge hit with both the pets we work with and their owners! A visit is 15-20 minutes long, and is a chance for your pet to go potty, eat a meal, recieve meds (if necessary), get some play time in, and to get extra special one on one time with their favorite visitor! Take a look at the Precise calendar to see our Pet Visit availability and book your time slots today! $20 covers 1-2 dogs per visit. $5 per additional dog. 

$30 Dog Walking

Your pet is in good hands

$55 Overnight Stays

Worry-free vacations!

Overnights is having someone live at the house to take care of the home as well as the pets inside. This is ideal for pets with separation anxiety, pets with special needs, puppies, elderly pets, or pets that just prefer their own bed! The pet sitting portion of this includes morning or evening walks if interested, feedings, medications at proper times, and visits. The house-sitting portion can involve a wide range of tasks, including: Trash and recycle bins to road and back, turning lights on and off, bringing in mail/packages, watering plants, and leaving the house as we found it, etc... All of which are included in the price!


The goal for our staff when staying at a home, is to keep the routine of the dog as normal as
possible. This will ensure maximum comfort for the pet, and peace of mind for the owner.​

$15 Transportation

Rarely requested but still an option! Going to be late picking your dog up from daycare? Can't make the drop off time for that dental cleaning? There's only one vet appointment available but you can't get out of work? Need to drop the dog off at the groomer but they don't open until after you're already at work? Insert Petcheck here. Simply request a "transportaion" and a short description of what you need, and we'll let you know availability asap!

***Prices may vary depending on distance

***Service may not be possible depending on size of dog

Where are we going?

Cancellation Policy

Life happens and sometimes you need to cancel, However, as the business grows we have realized that cancellations are more impactful than first anticipated! If you schedule a service that means we have blocked out that time slot, and may have turned down other opportunities. Therefore, we will be rolling out a cancellation fee come February 1st, 2020.


***Cancellation fees will be automatic unless discussed with clients beforehand


Same day cancellation for visits, walks, and transportations will be 50%

Same day cancellations on holidays for visits, walks, and transportations will be 75%


Visits, walks, and transportations cancelled within 48-72 hours prior to scheduled visit will be 15%

Visits, walks and transportations cancelled within 48-72 hours prior to scheduled visit on a holiday  will be 25%


***No Cancellation fee for visits, walks, and transportations if cancelled 3+ days prior to the scheduled visit.


Overnights of 1-3 nights cancelled within 7 days will be 15%

Overnights of 3+ nights cancelled within 7 days will be 10%


***No cancellation fee for overnights if cancelled 7+ days prior to scheduled overnight.




Holidays include:

New Years Eve

New Years Day

Easter Sunday

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

A Dog Walking session with Petcheck is just what your pet needs to keep them busy! Being at home all day can get boring! Exploring the envoirnment (and getting all the sniffs in) is a great way to burn some energy, and gets them that highly coveted, hard-to-acheive, mental stimulation on a 25-35 minute walk! Contact us today to schedule a dog walk!


Check out all the ways that Petcheck utilizes technology, setting us apart from the other guys for a seriously worry-free experience!

Precision Scheduling

Precise Petcare Software!

Having the ability to quickly and accurately schedule services, modify times, change information, pay your bill, and track your services, offers you that peace of mind that every pet owner looks for. This software allows Petcheck staff to share with clients information such as pictures, arrival time, departure time, whether or not your pet did his/her business, meals given, meds given, water given, odd behavior, household tasks completed etc. Clients can also track when staff checks in and checks out, eliminating the daily worry of "Did my pet get checked on today?" You can easily access Precise Petcare, (sometimes referred to as your 'Petcheck profile') on mobile or desktop at OR you can download the Precise Petcare app in the app store!

In-Home Cameras Available

Monitor your pet's care!

We know that having someone in your home can be a little strange, and an uncomfortable thought! Petcheck offers webcams that can be set up in your home so that you can monitor the interaction between Petcheck staff and your pets. We are more than happy to send pics and videos and we are often guilty of sendiing them unsolicited. Just another way for Petcheck to provide quality service and transparency for our clients.

Check-In from Staff

Where are we?

Geo-tagging and checking-in offer a way for our clients to know  when our staff arrives at their home. It offers peace-of-mind that we are doing what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done. Rest assured, our Team-centric approach will allow for guaranteed visits for your pets!

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