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Service + Security = Petcheck

We combine our passion for animals with technology to offer a superior level of care for pets in your home. Our group of dedicated, trained and insured pet sitters will provide loving care for your animals. Transparency though our Pet Journal reports will inform you of arrival/departure times, notes from visits, and even photos. You are not just relying on one person, but a team with 10+ years in Pet Service industry. Welcome to the next level in pet sitting: PetCheck

Providing peace of mind through technology, professionalism, and experience

"My goal for Petcheck is for every pet and pet owner to have a fun, positive, and healthy experience!" - Cori Weiser, Owner


Karen F.

…One of our dogs had just had his leg amputated and she took special care of him. The other dog is petrified of strangers and she was able to get her to come around and go on walks...

Chrysa H.

...Cori takes great care of Diesel and he is so comfortable around her. We love knowing Diesel can stay in the comfort of his home when we are away. Thanks Cori!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is a Petcheck?
    Petcheck Visits are scheduled appointments conducted by our friendly and vetted staff, lasting between 20 and 30 minutes. We will come to your home and do any or all of the following things: - Potty breaks! Whether you have a fenced in yard, or leashes/harnesses need to be used, potty breaks are usually the first priority during a visit. Litter boxes will be scooped/changed every visit as well. - Food and water! Some pets are grazers and the bowls need to be topped off, and some pets have scheduled meal times. Whatever the delicious meal may be, we will whip it up! Fresh water will be given as well! - Accident clean up! Accidents happen, and we’ll be there to clean it up. It’s part of the job, and we’re happy to keep the household and the pets squeaky clean! - Medications! If your pet is going through a spot of illness or has a chronic condition, we will administer meds as requested with confidence and care. (No injectable medications without proper credentials) - Love and snuggles! Maybe most importantly, our staff will spend quality time with your pets! We will visit with them, talk to them, sit with them, play with them, and comfort them. No pet will be left unloved! - Miscellaneous: Our Petcheck staff will also do all those small tasks that might seem silly to ask of a pet sitter, but we're happy to do it! These tasks include taking the garbage out/in, bringing in the mail/packages, watering the plants, turning lights on and off as you wish, putting music on for your pet, feeding the fish, and much more! Staff will perform the allocated tasks and secure your home on the way out. You will also receive a report on everything that happened during the visit. The report includes: Arrival time and departure time, whether or not your pet/pets urinated or defecated, medications given, meals given, fresh water given, mail/package collected, garbage bin taken out or brought back in, plants watered, litter box scooped, and payment collected. At this time we can also express any concerns we have such as odd behavior, any vomiting or diarrhea, in-house accidents etc...
  • What is a Petcheck Dog Walk?
    Petcheck Dog Walks are a great way to get your dog(s) exercise while you are away. Our friendly and vetted staff will take your dog on a 25-35 minute walk. We take supplies with us to clean up after your dog during the walk. If you would like, we can record our walk via an app such as Map My Run, or Nike Run Club, both of which record walks as good as it does runs, and we can send it to you afterward! You will be able to see where we went and how long we were out! Once the walk is completed, we make sure that your dog gets some water and we secure your home on the way out. Note: Safety on walks is our biggest concern! Our staff will make sure collars, harnesses, and leashes are secure and reasonably snug to prevent slipping out and escaping. Retractable leashes are not ideal but will be used if necessary with caution. We prefer the standard 6ft woven nylon, or roped material for safety! A good article on the dangers of retractable leashes can be found here!
  • What is a Petcheck Overnight Stay?
    An overnight stay is having a Petcheck staff member stay at your house, rather than dropping in every so often. Overnights are ideal for dogs that have issues with anxiety, dogs with special needs, and puppies! The draw for most overnight clients is the comfort of the dogs, while the home is being cared for as well! The goal for our staff when staying at a home, is to keep the routine of the dog as normal as possible. This will ensure maximum comfort for the pet, and peace of mind for the owner. Whether you believe your dog will benefit from visits or overnight stays is completely up to you!
  • What is the "Transportation" service?"
    Rarely requested but still an option! Going to be late picking your dog up from daycare? Can't make the drop off time for that dental cleaning? There's only one vet appointment available but you can't get out of work? Need to drop the dog off at the groomer but they don't open until after you're already at work? Insert Petcheck here. Simply request a "transportation" and a short description of what you need, and we'll let you know availability asap! ***Prices may vary depending on distance ***Service may not be possible depending on size of pet
  • How do I get started?
    Start by setting up your pet's profile with Precise Petcare at or download the app! After you have a profile you will be able to request servies. But first! We recommend scheduling a free, no obligation, meet and greet style consultation. This is a good time for us to meet the pets and to meet the home, and for you to decide if Petcheck is a good fit for you and your pets. To schedule a meet and greet, feel free to contact us via the method of your choosing: Email, call, text, send a letter (not recommended) or send a message via the contact form, it's up to you! A 'Meet and Greet' is also a service that you can request! Times and dates can be solidified at the time of the meet and greet!
  • How far in advance do I need to schedule a service?
    We ask that you give us at least 2 weeks' notice for any scheduled service. The earlier the better. However, we understand that life happens and we will do our best to accommodate the needs of you and your pets at any time! Please don't hesitate to request a visit with shorter notice!
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Life happens and sometimes you need to cancel, However, as the business grows we have realized that cancellations are more impactful than first anticipated! If you schedule a service that means we have blocked out that time slot, and may have turned down other opportunities. Therefore, we will be rolling out a cancellation fee come February 1st, 2020. Cancellation fees will be automatic unless discussed with clients beforehand. Same day cancellation for visits, walks, and transportations will be 50% Same day cancellations on holidays for visits, walks, and transporations will be 75% Visits, walks, and transportations cancelled within 48-72 hours prior to scheduled visit will be 15% Visits, walks and transportations cancelled within 48-72 hours prior to scheduled visit on a holiday will be 25% No Cancellation fee for visits, walks, and transporations if cancelled 3+ days prior to the scheduled visit. Overnights of 1-3 nights cancelled within 7 days will be 15% Overnights of 3+ nights cancelled within 7 days will be 10% No cancellation fee for overnights if cancelled 7+ days prior to scheduled overnight. Holidays include: New Years Eve New Years Day Easter Sunday Memorial Day Fourth of July Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve Christmas Day
  • Testimonials
    "Petcheck gave me an option that allowed me the freedom to leave my pet without the worry. I wasn't able to board my Rottweiler due to anxiety issues and I wasn't totally confident with neighborhood or college student pet sitters, so I found myself avoiding overnight stays or visiting family out of town. I heard about Petcheck through a local daycare Pups Paradise where I took my puppy and since I loved the daycare, I decided to give Petcheck a try. I was totally impressed with the service and loved being notified when they were at my house and how my dog was doing. After the first time, I continued using the service and now I have the freedom to go whenever I choose without worrying about my dog. Thanks to the Petcheck Staff for taking care of Hank. He truly prefers to be at home and loves the extra attention." - Carrie H. "Our first scheduled PetCheck visit was a huge success! Thank you Petcheck for caring for my fur babies so well. Site is easy to use with simple clicks to set and pay invoices. We will use PetCheck again in the future for sure!!!" - Paula E. "I have used Cori for overnights with my pets. I have two pits and a cat. She was helpful with assisting on of my dogs while recovering from ACL surgery. I foster dogs with a local rescue and Cori has no problem jumping in and taking on not only my personal dogs but my fosters. She has managed 4 dogs at once in my home. She is sensitive to medication needs, behavioral needs and physical needs. Taking on fosters there is a risk with unknown behavioral issues and if something were to arise, I trust she would not only be able to recognize a change in dog behavior, but be able to manage any issue. She keeps in communication and sends pictures. I am very particular on how my dogs are crated, fed, and supervised and have never felt uneasy leaving my dogs in her care. I have recommended Cori to others and would continue to do so." - Rachel A. "Cori was so great. She really put our minds at ease while we were gone. One of our dogs had just had his leg amputated and she took special care of him. The other dog is petrified of strangers and she was able to get her to come around and go on walks. It really is worth having that peace of mind that comes with having an experienced dog handler caring for your dogs in your home. They were so much more comfortable than in a kennel and we were more comfortable too! I would definitely recommend her to anyone!" - Karen F. "Went above and beyond! We hated the idea of boarding our pups, so we hadn’t taken a vacation since the dogs came into our lives. Petcheck was recommended to us and they came and stayed at our house while we were gone and kept care of the pups. (Even took the trash out to the curb and back) They communicated regularly and sent videos & pictures!" - Laura W. "We love Petcheck! We used their services for our two dogs and cat while on vacation. Cori was responsible, great at communicating and our pets loved her! We'll definitely be booking again." - Toni M. "I have used Petcheck quite a few times this year and have always been very pleased with their service. We have a 16-year-old cat and a parakeet that are taken care of by Cori, and she does a great job. Being 16, our cat has some issues using his litter box, but Cori takes that all in stride. Besides taking care of our pets, she brings in our mail and newspaper. Cori has always been there when we need her, has never tracked in dirt, and has always made sure everything is locked up when she leaves. If you are looking for someone you can trust going into your home while you are away and taking wonderful care of your pets, definitely give Petcheck a call!" - Lori T. "My husband and I adopted a 2-year old border collie/long haired dachshund mix. He suffered from severe separation anxiety so when we decided to go on a week-long family vacation, I knew he wouldn’t do well in a kennel. I contacted Cori at PetCheck and she stayed at our house with Rocco. She was absolutely wonderful and sent us pictures of his activity while we were gone. She understood his condition so we felt very comfortable and at ease having Cori stay in our home and taking care of our dog." - Jackie E. "We are so grateful that we have found PetCheck. Cori takes great care of Diesel and he is so comfortable around her. We love knowing Diesel can stay in the comfort of his home when we are away. Thanks Cori!" - Chrysa M. "After trying dozens of pet sitters over the years, I was thrilled to find Cori and Rachel at PetCheck. Not only can they both easily handle my two giant dogs on daily walks, they also easily accommodated their special diets and schedules. They are patient and flexible, and most important, are fabulous communicators at every turn. Responses are timely, clear, and personal. Cori truly has built a business I can trust.” - Christine Fox, Professor, University of Toledo


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