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Our Story

Sharing experience, knowledge, and passion to the community

Petcheck was started in early 2015 to offer an extended service to clients of Pups Paradise. A few years later, it found its way into my hands. Hi, I’m Cori! I was the ‘premier’ pet sitter when Petcheck was started. I was working at Pups paradise and pet sitting for friends and family while in school pursuing my vet tech license. During this time, I fell in love with this side of the field. Seeing happy and healthy pets in an enviornment where they can thrive, and live their best life brings me so much joy.  So, when the original owner and creator of Petcheck took a different direction with his life and offered me Petcheck, I decided to jump. While Petcheck it is not a Cori original, I have built from the foundation of what was given to me, the Petcheck you see today. Every day I’m learning, growing, and improving, to better serve the pet owners of the community. My goal for Petcheck is for every pet and pet owner to have a fun, positive, and healthy experience! Welcome!

This is Me


Lauren, Pet Sitter

Lauren has been working closely with dogs for the past 3 years. She has experience caring for elderly pets and is especially good at making them feel loved. Lauren always volunteers when needed and is a great addition to the team.

Weakness: Pugs

I've always enjoyed pet sitting because it not only gives owners peace of mind knowing their fur baby is being taken care of but it also gives me a chance to bond with some amazing animals!


Emma, Pet Sitter

Emma is an established team member with a big love for our furry friends. She's very attentive and observant. Emma always has a story to tell and has great client comunication skills! We love Emma!

Weakness: Berners


I have an idea of what I would want a pet sitter for my dog to be like, and I love pet sitting because I get to be that person for somone else!


Rachel, Pet Sitter

Rachel has over 3 years experience working with dogs. She's a hit with the clients (and the dogs seem to like her too!) She a most astute observasionalist and can spot a hotspot from across the room. Go Rachel!

Weakness: Huskys



I love working as a pet sitter with Petcheck! When my favorite doggo friends see me for a visit or walk, their reaction makes my day!

Meet the Team

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